May 03, 2012

Kalki - Exceptional Features Vol. 3 (2012) Out now!

The hard-working MC, Kalki, is now, shortly after the Exceptional Features Vol. 2, out with the NUMBER 3(!) Exceptional Features Vol. 3 releases naturally through the great label, Revolt Motion Recordings - who always brings you the best of the conscious rappers in the Hip Hop culture.

The album consists of 12 incredible tracks, and its needless to mention, that the material is thought-provoking, since it is no big surprise when you dealing with Kalki and his crew. The album offer guest appearances from artists like: Stranded, Trust One, Antahkarana Heri Ki Nabu, Riishii G7, Ali Dahesh, Sigrid, Eltipo Este, Immaculate Kidd, Diesis-I, Holla da Scholar, Old Child, Dima, Gladkov, Secret Swords, Norman Krates, Amun Morb, Info Red, Great Monk, Bensalem, St. SL,  Pro Pyatno, - and Erks Orion who featured Kalki on their album "Acient Spirits" earlier this year. The record also offers productions from: Aquarius Minded, SuperEgo Beats, Amos The Ancient Prophet, Zieke, Dima Gladkov, Phirious Beats, Merky Waters, and Old Child.

Open your third eye to beautiful music, and Hip Hop at its best! Conscious lyrics over fantastic beats, what more could you want? Make sure to get the new album, you can download it for free at Revolt Motion Recordings official homepage. If you feel the lyrics, and want to donate some money to the movement, you could do that as well - Just go to

You can now check out the album at KdawG's Youtube channel.
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01. Kalki & Stranded - Still Frame Solstice (Prod. Aquarius Minded)
02. Trust One Feat. Kalki - Wake Up (Prod. SuperEgo Beats)
03. Antahkarana Heru Ki Nabu Feat. Kalki, & Riishii G7 - Et La Lumière Fut (Prod. Amos The Ancient Prophet)
04. Ali Dahesh Feat. Sigrid, Eltipo Este, & Antony of Egypt - Neshouni
05. Immaculate Kidd, Erks Orion, & Kalki - Golden Ink (Prod. Zieke)
06. Diesis-I Feat. Holla da Scholar, & Kalki - Sediments of God (Prod. Aquarius Minded)
07. Old Child, Dima, Gladkov, & Kalki - Prime Time (Prod. Dima Gladkov)
08. Kalki & Secret Swords - Life Saver (Prod. Phirious Beats)
09. Norman Krates Feat. Kalki, & Amun Morb - Cluster
10. Info Red Feat. Anotny Of Egypt - Lovin Know Buddy (Prod. Merky Waters)
11. Antahkarana Heru Ki Nabu, Great Monk, Bensalem, & Kalki - Hiérophantes
12. Kalki Feat. St. SL, & Pro Pyatno - Blessed Symphony Remix (Prod. Old Child)

Album: Exceptional Features Vol. 3
By: Kalki
Year: 2012
Label: Revolt Motion Recordings
Buy: Free album
Download: Revolt-Motion

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