August 28, 2012

JR&PH7 - So Far, So Good (2012) Out now!

The German producer duo JR&PH7 releases the brand new Mixtape, called "So Far, So Good", through Soulspazm Records and Foundation Media. The Mixtape consists of 23 tracks, and offer guest appearances from artists like: Caucasian, Torae, Random Axe, Sean Price, Skyzoo, Waxolutionists, Blu, Rakaa, Planet Asia, Trek Life, Akua Naru, Aphroe, Elzhi, Frank-N-Dank, Brokn Englsh, St. Joe Louis, L.E.G.A.C.Y., Evidence of Dilated Peoples, J-Spliff, Edgar Allen Floe, Kaze, Termanology, KVBeats, Slum Village, Komplex, Ohmega Watts, The Saint, Muneshine, and Chords Cordero. The Mixtape is produced by JR&PH7, + a few remixes by Flip, Twilight, Waxolutionists, and Brenk.

You can check out a lot from the Mixtape on KdawG's Official You Tube channel (Promo):
JR&PH7 - So Far, So Good (2012) Playlist by KdawGOfficial

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Track Listing:
01. Here And Now Feat. Caucasian (Produced by JR&PH7)
02. Do It For You Feat. Torae (Flip Remix)
03. Top Rank Feat. Random Axe (PH7 Remix)
04. Until It's All Said And Done Feat. Sean Price, & Skyzoo (Produced by JR&PH7)
05. Steel Remains Feat. Waxolutionists, & Blu (Produced by JR&PH7)
06. Take It To The Streets Feat. Rakaa, & Planet Asia (Produced by JR&PH7)
07. Good Reasons Feat. Trek Life (Produced by JR&PH7)
08. Hip Hop Lives Feat. Edo G (Produced by JR&PH7)
09. The World is Listening Feat. Akua Naru (Produced by JR&PH7)
10. The Cities Feat. Aphroe, Elzhi, & Frank-N-Dank (Produced by JR&PH7)
11. Across The Globe Feat. Caucasian (Produced by JR&PH7)
12. My Favourite Demons Feat. Brokn Englsh, & & St. Joe Louis (Produced by JR&PH7)
13. Bow Down Feat. L.E.G.A.C.Y., Evidence of Dilated Peoples, & J-Spliff (Twilight Remix)
14. Dreams Feat. Edgar Allen Floe, & Kaze (Waxolutionists Remix)
15. The Backflip Feat. Akua Naru (PH7's Midnight Remix)
16. All In A Days Work Feat. Oddisee (Produced by JR&PH7)
17. Microphone Fiends Feat. Edo G, & Termanology (Brenk Remix)
18. Bloody Sunday Feat. Brokn Englsh, & St. Joe Louis (Produced by JR&PH7)
19. How We Do It Feat. KVBeats, & Slum Village (Produced by JR&PH7)
20. My Part Of Town Feat. Termanology, & Komplex (Produced by JR&PH7)
21. Reach Feat. Ohmega Watts, The Saint, & Muneshine (Produced by JR&PH7)
22. Fast Lane Speedin' Feat. Oddisee (Produced by JR&PH7)
23. New High Feat. St. Joe Louis, & Chords Cordero (Produced by JR&PH7)

Mixtape: So Far, So Good
By: JR&PH7
Year: 2012
Release Date:
Label: Soulspazm Records; Foundation Media
Official Homepage:
Buy: Free Mixtape
Download: Djbooth

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