August 04, 2012

S-R-H-H Presents: A Heathen Production - Lunatic 8 - Rotting In My Own World (Official Music Video) To be released

Heathen Productions will produce a exclusive Official Music Video for Lunatic 8's track "Rotting In My Own World". The video will be filmed on Sunday August 5th . The video will be directed by Lunatic 8, produced and edited by Heathen Productions.

Heathen Productions has worked with Horrorcore artists like Scum and the group Dark Half. The track is from Lunatic 8's debut album "Lunatic 8 Goes To Hell" which was released earlier this year.

This is the first official music video for Lunatic 8! 


In the mean time make sure to check out "Lunatic 8 Goes To Hell" by Lunatic 8. The album can be purchased right here:

Also make sure to read the interview KdawG did with Lunatic 8 July 4, 2012:
Interview With Lunatic 8

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