August 20, 2012

Son Of Saturn - The Blackhole Speakeasy (2012) Out now!

Son Of Saturn releases his new album, "The Blackhole Speakeasy", through Revolt Motion Recordings. The album consists of whole 26 tracks, and offer guest appearances from artists like: Morbski, Trust One & Atma of Jewelz Infinite, Haez One, Neda Voice, Bliss, Life Scientist, Apakalypse of Masta Buildas, Kalki, Riishii G7, Naja Gemini, Vice Versa, Se7en Sandman, Tos-El Bashir, Norman Krates, White Shadow of Norway, Blunted Sultan, Soul Shinobi, Dee Are, Bambu Hands, Mitologic, Lord Gamma, 7th Realm, Marcosido, Jenova 7, and Kuma.

You can check out one track on KdawG's Official You Tube channel (Promo):
Son Of Saturn - The Blackhole Speakeasy (2012) Playlist by KdawGOfficial


Track Listing:

01. Welcome to the Blackhole (Produced by Bliss, & Son of Saturn)
02. The Speakeasy Never Closes (Produced by Marcosido)
03. One Door Closes Feat. Morbski (Produced by Seventh Realm)
04. Unearthed Feat. Trust One of Jewelz Infinite (Produced by Kuma)
05. The Daffodil Still Lyfe (Produced by Jenova 7)
06. Deadly Phenomenal Break (Produced by Seventh Realm)
07. Tunnel of Broken Poems Feat. Morbski (Produced by Soul Shinobi)
08. Le Vultuer Feat. Haez One, & Neda Voice (Produced by Jenova 7)
09. The Eyes of a Mystic (Produced by Invectrum)
10. Introduction to the Unreality (Produced by Kuma)
11. Calligraphy from the Inbetween Feat. Bliss (Produced by Kuma)
12. Secrets of the Golden Flower (Produced by Soul Shinobi)
13. Luminous Steps Feat. Life Scientist (Produced by Jenova 7)
14. Subtle Quarantines Feat. Atma of Jewelz Infinite, & Apakalypse of Masta Buildas (Produced by White Shadow Of Norway)
15. Song of the Kameleon Feat. Kalki (Produced by Blunted Sultan)
16. Exhale Feat. Tos El Bashir, & Life Scientist (Produced by Norman Krates)
17. A Distillery Named Desire Feat. Morbski (Produced by Jenova 7)
18. Vanishing Point Feat. Riishii G7 (Produced by Marcosido)
19. Gonzo Break (Produced by Kuma)
20. Memoirs of Debauchery Feat. Naja Gemini (Produced by Bambu Hands)
21. Apothecary Feat. Vice Versa (Produced by Seventh Realm)
22. The People's Anthem Feat. Bliss, & Se7en Sandman (Produced by Dee Are)
23. Passages Feat. Apakalypse of Masta Buildas (Produced by Lord Gamma)
24. Hiding from the Truth (Produced by Mitologic)
25. Wildflowerz Feat. Morbski (Produced by Dee Are)
26. Take a Moment Feat. Bliss (Produced by Bambu Hands)

Album: The Blackhole Speakeasy
By: Son Of Saturn
Year: 2012
Release Date: August 15, 2012
Official Homepage: Son Of Saturn
Label: Revolt Motion Recordings

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