September 03, 2013

Professor Lyrical W/ DJ Shame - Put Em All To Shame (2013) Out now!

Professor Lyrical and DJ Shame releases their brand new album, entitled "Put Em All To Shame", through
Invasion Entertainment, and D.i.M.E. Records. The album consists of 14 tracks, and offers guest appearances from artists such as: Presence and Sickmen. Entirely produced by DJ Shame. All vocals by Professor Lyrical.


Track Listing:

01. Get Lyrical (Produced by DJ Shame)
02. No Doubt (Produced by DJ Shame)
03. How It Should Be Done (Produced by DJ Shame)
04. Do You Need To Be Reminded Feat. Presence, & Sickmen (Produced by DJ Shame)
05. Poeteacher (Produced by DJ Shame)
06. Moving Up (Produced by DJ Shame)
07. It's A New Thing (Produced by DJ Shame)
08. This That Feat. Sickmen (Produced by DJ Shame)
09. Obvious (Produced by DJ Shame)
10. Flawlessness (Produced by DJ Shame)
11. It's A Shame (Produced by DJ Shame)
12. Love Life (Produced by DJ Shame)
13. Put Em All To Shame (Produced by DJ Shame)
14. Do You Remember (Produced by DJ Shame)

Put Em All To Shame
By: Professor Lyrical W/ DJ Shame
Year: 2013
Release Date: August 06, 2013
Label: Invasion Entertainment; D.i.M.E. Records

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