May 22, 2014

Ancient Jewlz (Reefa Rei & Sense) - Ancient Jewlz (2014) Out now!

Reefa Rei and Sense is Ancient Jewlz, and they are current with the brand new self-titled album, "Ancient Jewlz" through Beatmonstas Entertainment. The album consists of 12 tracks, and offers guest appearances from artists such as: Booda Blaou, DJ ALO, DJ Ambideckstriks, Hell Razah of Sunz of Man, and Skywalker. Productions from: DJ ALO, DJ Jaidot, Double Helix, Mike The Martyr, and Scandls.

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Track Listing:
01. Mic Is In My Clutches (Produced by Double Helix)
02. Without You Feat. Booda Blaou, & DJ Ambideckstriks (Produced by Double Helix)
03. The Jewlz Are Sacred (Produced by Double Helix)
04. Godzilla Feat. Skywalker (Produced by Double Helix)
05. Hold Your Head (Produced by Scandls)
06. Family Jewlz Feat. DJ ALO (Produced by Double Helix)
07. Real MC (Produced by Double Helix)
08. The Oracle (Interlude) (Produced by Double Helix)
09. Sacred Seal Feat. Hell Razah of Sunz Of Man (Produced by DJ ALO, & DJ Jaidot)
10. What You Know About It (Produced by Mike The Martyr)
11. Learn (Produced by Double Helix)
12. Black Poseidon (Produced by Scandls)

Album: Ancient Jewlz
Artist(s): Ancient Jewlz (Reefa Rei & Sense)
Year: 2014
Release Date: May 20, 2014
Record Label: Beatmonstas Entertainment LLC 
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