August 24, 2014

Apakalypse of Masta Buildas - Earths Special Forces (2014) Out now!

Brand new album from Apakalypse of Masta Buildas, "Earths Special Forces", out now! 19 tracks deep album from Lord Apak which features guest appearances from artists such as: DeadRoom, Lone Ninja, No Emotion, plus more.

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Track Listing:
01. Earths Special Forces Feat. Vee Maxine, & DeadRoom (Produced by Spon)
02. Majestic (Produced by Spon)
03. You Better Run Feat. DeadRoom
04. Revolt Feat. Lone Ninja of Twin Perils (Produced by Eternal Champion)
05. Good Wine Feat. DeadRoom
06. Bang Bang (Produced by Edk)
07. Cocaine Cowboys Feat. DeadRoom, & DSG
08. Better Off Feat. DeadRoom (Produced by Edk)
09. Darts Feat. DeadRoom (Produced by Blunted Sultan)
10. Kiss The Devil Feat. DeadRoom
11. Cause and Effect Feat. DeadRoom (Cuts by DJ Shmix)
12. Street Friends Feat. DeadRoom
13. Extreme Feat. DeadRoom, Lone Ninja of Twin Perils, & No Emotion
14. Shit Talkers Feat. DeadRoom (Produced by Edk)
15. Scumbag Music Feat. DeadRoom (Produced by Edk)
16. Murder Rap Feat. DeadRoom (Produced by Blunted Sultan)
17. Modus Operandi Feat. DeadRoom
18. Eternal
19. Inertia Feat. No Emotion, & DeadRoom

Album: Earths Special Forces
Apakalypse of Masta Buildas
Release Date:
August 17, 2014
Record Label:
E.S.F. Records

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