December 18, 2013

Sixo & Leif Kolt - Absent Bodied (2013) Out now!

Sixo & Leif Kolt is current with thier brand new EP, entitled "Absent Bodied", released through Fake Four Inc. The EP consists of eight tracks, entirely produced by Sixo. Leif Kolt on all vocals. The EP is mixed and mastered by Deeskee.

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Track Listing:
01. My Sorrow (Produced by Sixo)
02. Cry Baby (Produced by Sixo)
03. Clap Hands (Produced by Sixo)
04. Rocker John (Produced by Sixo)
05. Gentle Gentle (Produced by Sixo)
06. Rocky Waves (Produced by Sixo)
07. Greg and Noah (Produced by Sixo)
08. Green Folks (Produced by Sixo)

EP: Absent Bodied
By: Sixo & Leif Kolt
Year: 2013
Release Date: December 13, 2013
Label: Fake Four Inc.
Buy: Bandcamp

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