July 26, 2014

Class A'z (Redzer + Terawrizt) & Shugmonkey - Home Invasion (2014) Out now!

Class A'z is back with a brand new album, and proves that Irish hip hop is alive to the fullest! The new album consists of 12 tracks, and offers guest appearances from artists such as: Illderbeg, Rob Kelly, Robin Kavanagh, and Liam Geddes. Cuts from: DJ Mayhem. Mixed and Mastered by Terawrizt of Class A'z at Class A'z Studio's, Dublin, Ireland.

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 You can also check out some tracks from the album on KdawG's Official YouTube channel (Promo):Class A'z & Shugmonkey - "Home Invasion"

Track Listing:
01. Be Ok (Produced by Shugmonkey)
02. Drop It Feat. Illderberg (Cuts by DJ Mayhem) (Produced by Shugmonkey)
03. Locked Down Feat. Rob Kelly (Produced by Shugmonkey)
04. Famous Feat. Illderberg (Produced by Shugmonkey)
05. That's What's Up Feat. Rob Kelly (Produced by Shugmonkey)
06. Home Invasion Feat. Rob Kelly (Cuts by DJ Mayhem) (Produced by Shugmonkey)
07. It's That Rap Shit (Produced by Shugmonkey)
08. Celebration Feat. Rob Kavanagh (Produced by Shugmonkey)
09. True Love Feat. Liam Geddes (Produced by Shugmonkey)
10. Beat Goes On Feat. Illderberg (Produced by Shugmonkey)
11. Summertime Feat. Robyn Kavanagh (Produced by Shugmonkey)
12. People Talk About Us (Produced by Shugmonkey)

Album: Home Invasion
Artist(s): Class A'z (Redzer + Terawrizt) & Shugmonkey
Year: 2014
Release Date: July 19, 2014
Record Label: N/A
Buy: Bandcamp, Amazon

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