July 25, 2014

Dr Creep - Alpha Wolf: Recon (2014) Out now!

After last years release of the great album "I Am The Storm", Dr Creep is back with a new full length album. The brand new album, entitled "Alpha Wolf: Recon", consists of 13 tracks, and offers guest appearances from artists such as: Solow, Hood Kings, JKrazy, Hench, and Chemist. Productions from: Sultan Mir, 4th Assassin, Supreme The Truth, DJ Rhum 1, Kesti, Anno Domini Beats, SpikeKillah, Apoka Undaground, and Dr Creep.

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Track Listing:
01. Night Shadows (Produced by Sultan Mir)
02. Alpha Wolf Feat. Solow (Produced by 4th Assassin)
03. Darkest Days Designed Feat. Hood Kings (Produced by Hood Kings)
04. I'm Destructive (Produced by Supreme The Truth)
05. Crisis Activated (Produced by DJ Rhum 1)
06. Gather Intel (Produced by Kesti)
07. Road To Execution (Produced by Anno Domini Beats) (Bonus Remix)
08. Underground Madness Feat. JKrazy (Produced by SpikeKillah)
09. The Sacred Agenda Feat. Solow, Hench, & Chemist (Produced by 4th Assassin)
10. Extinction Protocol (Produced by Apoka Undaground)
11. Universal Power (Produced by Sultan Mir)
12. Lights Out (Produced by Sultan Mir)
13. Emp (Outro) (Produced by Dr Creep)

Album: Alpha Wolf: Recon
Artist(s): Dr Creep
Year: 2014
Release Date: July 22, 2014
Record Label: N/A
Buy: Bandcamp

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