July 03, 2014

Apakalypse of Masta Buildas - Unreleased Tracks 2006-2010 (2014) Out now!

Apakalypse is releaseing some unreleased tracks from the time between 2006 and 2010. The album consists of 17 tracks, and offers guest appearances from artists such as: D.R.P., Simon Roofless, Lone Ninja of Twin Perils, Lord Gamma, and Atma of Masta Buildas & Jewelz Infinite.

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Track Listing:
01. 1999 Feat. D.R.P.
02. Anunnaki Material Feat. Simon Roofless
03. Blood Ninjas Feat. Lone Ninja of Twin Perils
04. Energy Balls
05. Raw
06. Planet X Feat. Lord Gamma
07. Hit List
08. It is what it is
09. We Rule This Dimension Feat. Lord Gamma
10. Mercury Vortex Propulsion Feat. Atma of Masta Buildas & Jewelz Infinite
11. Crime Feat. Lone Ninja of Twin Perils
12. Shinobi Chronicles Feat. Lord Gamma
13. The Only Solution
14. The Symbol Feat. Lord Gamma, & D.R.P.
15. The Wind Blows
16. "MF DOOM" Vomitspit Remix
17. Dedication

Album: Unreleased Tracks (2006 - 2010)
Artist(s): Apakaylpse of Masta Buildas
Year: 2014
Release Date: May 25, 2014
Record Label: E.S.F. Records
Buy: Bandcamp

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