September 27, 2014

Seez Mics of Educated Consumers - Cruel Fuel (2014) Out now!

The brand new release from Seez Mics of Educated Consumers, entitled "Cruel Fuel", is out now on
CrushKill Recordings. The album consists of 13 tracks, and offers guest appearances from artists such as: DJ Abilities, and Kristoff Krane. Entirely produced by Max Bent.

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Track Listing:
01. M.O.M. (Produced by Max Bent)
02. Serotonin Sweepstakes (Produced by Max Bent)
03. Becomes A Ghost (Produced by Max Bent)
04. Social Insecurity (Produced by Max Bent)
05. That's Now How It Works (Produced by Max Bent)
06. Things Change (Interlude) (Produced by Max Bent)
07. Human Farm (Produced by Max Bent)
08. What Your Head Will Hold (Produced by Max Bent)
09. Never Apologize To Your Rapist (Produced by Max Bent)
10. Torn Feat. Kristoff Krane (Produced by Max Bent)
11. Cruel Fuel (Produced by Max Bent)
12. Angel In The Engine (Interlude) (Produced by Max Bent)
13. Post Pathic Profiteers Feat. DJ Abilities (Produced by Max Bent)

Cruel Fuel
Seez Mics of Educated Consumers
Release Date:
September 23, 2014
Record Label:
CrushKill Recordings
UGHH, Amazon

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