March 30, 2012

Jordan River Banks - All The World's A Stage (2009) Out on KdawG's Youtube channel now!

You can now check out two tracks from the instant classic album "All The World's A Stage" From Jordan River Banks! The album consists of 20 tracks and offer guest appearances from artists like: MOD the Black Marvel, Thun, William Cooper, Killah Priest, Tragedy Khadafi, Ciph Barker, Bigge, Ty, SOS, and Hell Razah.

Jordan River Banks - All The World's A Sage Playlist by KdawGOfficial

01. Intro
02. Medina Gladiator Feat. MOD the Black Marvel
03. My Music Feat. Thun
04. Bill's Lament Feat. William Cooper
05. Truth B Told Feat. Killah Priest
06. Welcome to Red Hook Feat. T.H.U.G. Angelz
07. Both Hands Feat. Killah Priest, & Tragedy Khadafi
08. Move Feat. Ciph Barker
09. My Sorrow (Instrumental)
10. Fluister (Instrumental)
11. Smile Skit
12. Dead Wrong Remix (Biggie)
13. The Guantanamo Cyclus Feat. Ty, Thun, Ciph, SOS, & Black Marvel
14. Malodic Pt. ll Feat. Killah Priest, & Hell Razah
15. Kicks of Raziel Feat. Hell Razah
16. Dead Street Scrolls (Instrumental)
17. Thug Nation (Instrumental)
18. Hood Lullabye (Instrumental)
19. Emperor's Lost Song Feat. MOD the Black Marvel
20. The Dawn of Man Feat. Ciph Barker, & Thun

Album: All The World's A Sage
By: Jordan River Banks
Year: 2009
Label: -

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