March 01, 2012

Ran Reed - Respect The Architect 1992-1998 (2012) Out now!

Re-Issue of Respect The Architect 1992-1998 by Ran Reed, as a new album in 2012. Here it is, the 21 track album with guest appearances from artists like: Cella Dwellas, and Money D of F.O.D. Productions from: Nick Wiz, Andre 'Be Divine' Perry, & DJ Slyce. The album is without a doubt a classic record, and you should definitely purchase the Re-Issue NOW!

You can now check out the album (PROMO) on KdawG's Official Youtube channel:
Ran Reed - Respect The Architect 1992-1998 (2012) Playlist by KdawGOfficial


01. Ain't No Stoppin' Me (1995) (Prod. Nick Wiz)
02. Pass da Budda (1992) (Prod. Andre 'Be Divine' Perry)
03. On and On (1993) (Prod. Nick Wiz)
04. Never Knew Me Then (1993) (Prod. Nick Wiz)
05. Boot In The Door (1993) (Prod. Nick Wiz)
06. The Sexologist (1998) (Prod. Nick Wiz)
07. Mission Impossible (1998) (Prod. Nick Wiz)
08. Lost Souls (1997) (Prod. Nick Wiz)
09. Fatal Attraction (1997) (Prod. Nick Wiz)
10. Wack Tapes (1996) (Prod. Nick Wiz)
11. Respect The Architect (1996) (Prod. Nick Wiz)
12. Schemes (1997) (Prod. Nick Wiz)
13. The Pro (1998) (Prod. DJ Slyce)
14. Catch The Contact (1992) (Prod. Nick Wiz)
15. The Fastlane (1995) (Prod. Nick Wiz)
16. Ran Reed Representing (1998) (Prod. Nick Wiz)
17. Tell Me (1995) (Prod. Nick Wiz)
18. 9to5 (1994) (Prod. Nick Wiz)
19. The Introduction (1999) Feat. Cella Dwellas, & Money D of F.O.D. (Prod. Nick Wiz) (Bonus)
20. Voice From The Grave Interlude (Prod. DJ Slyce)
21. Dedication (2002) (Prod. Nick Wiz) (Bonus)

Respect The ARchitect
By: Ran Reed
Year: 2012
Label: No Sleep Recordings

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