September 09, 2012

Kalik Scientific - The Great Awakening, Act 2: Violent Revolution (2010) On YouTube

Kalik Scientific released his album, entitled "The Great Awakening, Act 2: Violent Revolution", on June 21, 2010. The album consists of 12 tracks, and offer guest appearances from artists like: Despo, Fierce Flows, Kasim Allah, and Tommie James. The artist brings you a spiritual, conscious, and revolutionary message through this great, great album. Support Real Hip Hop!

You can now check out some tracks from the album on KdawG's Official You Tube channel (Promo):
Kalik Scientific - The Great Awakening: Violent Revolution (2010) Playlist by KdawGOfficial



Track Listing:
01. The Enlightenment
02. Insomnia
03. Be The Answer Feat. Despo
04. Illusion Of Change Feat. Fierce Flows
05. Money Is Debt
06. Great Awakening
07. Snakes In The Grass Feat. Fierce Flows
08. Exodus
09. U Got Dumb Feat. Kasim Allah
10. Simple Words
11. Salvation
12. Network Feat. Tommie James

Album: The Great Awakening, Act 2: Violent Revolution
By: Kalik Scientific
Year: 2010
Release Date: June 21, 2010
Label: Buy Freedom
Official Homepage: Kalik Scientific

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