September 07, 2012

Alterbeats - The French Revolution (2012) (DELAYED REVIEW)

Alterbeats released the latest album, called "The French Revolution", through Alterprod. The album consists of 18 tracks, and offer guest appearances from artists like: A.G. of D.I.T.C., Access Immortal, Aims, Amadeus The Stampede, Banish, Bekay, Block McCloud of Brooklyn Academy, Carnage 45, Chief Kamachi, DJ Modesty, Divine, Estee Nack of Tragic Allies, Freestyle of Arsonists, Halfabrick, Ihsan Bilal, Kromeatose, Lateb The God of Heddshotts & Zombie Death Squad, Lion Of Bordeaux, Lord Lhus, Lost Children Of Babylon, Main Flow, Murdoc, Red Eye, Reef The Lost Cauze, Sadat X of Brand Nubian, Shabaam Sahdeeq of Polyrhythm Addicts, Shinoby Staline, Sicknature of Snowgoons, Spicco, The Absouljah, The Armada (Johnny Teflon & DJ Rybe), The Foundation (Jon Murdock & Lex Starwind), The Painkiller Crew (Amadeus The Stampede & Rite Hook), Verbal Kent, and Willie Maze. Entirely produced by Alterbeats.

You can check out three tracks from the album on KdawG's Official You Tube channel (Promo):
Alterbeats - The French Revolution (2012) Playlist by KdawGOfficial


Track Listing:
01. Next Execution Feat. Verbal Kent (Produced by Alterbeats)
02. TV Screen Feat. Chief Kamachi, Kromeatose, & Block McCloud of Brooklyn Academy (Produced by Alterbeats)
03. The Nod Feat. The Painkiller Crew (Amadeus The Stampede & Rite Hook)
04. True Rhyme Feat. Divine (Produced by Alterbeats)
05. Kamikaze MC's Feat. The Foundation (Jon Murdock & Lex Starwind) (Produced by Alterbeats)
06. Fast Lane Feat. Main Flow, Access Immortal, & Estee Nack of Tragic Allies (Produced by Alterbeats)
07. Alter Ego Feat. Sadat X of Brand Nubian, A.G. of D.I.T.C., Lion Of Bordeaux, & DJ Modesty (Produced by Alterbeats)
08. International Juggernaut Feat. Red Eye, Willie Maze, Murdoc, Shinoby Staline, & DJ Modesty (Produced by Alterbeats)
09. What's Realer Feat. Halfabrick (Produced by Alterbeats)
10. NYC Evils Feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq of Polyrhythm Addicts, Halfabrick, Spicco, & DJ Modesty (Produced by Alterbeats)
11. Merovingian Revenge Feat. Lost Children Of Babylon, & DJ Modesty (Produced by Alterbeats)
12. Making You Proud Feat. Carnage 45, & Ihsan Bilal (Produced by Alterbeats)
13. Revolution On My Brain Feat. Reef The Lost Cauze, Freestyle of Arsonists, & DJ Modesty (Produced by Alterbeats)
14. Watch We Combine Feat. The Absouljah (Produced by Alterbeats)
15. The Take Over Feat. Lord Lhus, Sicknature of Snowgoons, & DJ Modesty (Produced by Alterbeats)
16. The War Effect Feat. Banish, Aims, & The Armada (Johnny Teflon & DJ Rybe) (Produced by Alterbeats)
17. Revolucion Feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq of Polyrhythm Addicts, Bekay, Lateb The God of Heddshotts & Zombie Death Squad (Produced by Alterbeats)
18. Coup de Grace Feat. Amadeus The Stampede (Produced by Alterbeats)

Album: The French Revolution
By: Alterbeats
Year: 2012
Release Date: June 26, 2012
Label: Alterprod

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