September 16, 2012

Amerigo Gazaway of Gummy Soul - Bizarre Tribe: A Quest to The Pharcyde (2012) (NOT AVAILABLE)

Amerigo Gazaway releases the new album, "Bizarre Tribe: A Quest to The Pharcyde", through Gummy Soul. The album consists of 14 tracks, and offer guest appearances from artists like: Kriminul, Sublime, The Pharcyde, and Black Moon.

Gummy Soul's Amerigo Gazaway releases this 55 minute long "Quest to The Pharcyde", which utilizing the original Jazz, Soul, and Funk recordings sampled throughout A Tribe Called Quest's extensive catalogue, Gazaway recreates classic productions - Pairing his reinterpreted instrumentals with selected vocals from West Coast "Golden Era" favorites, The Pharcyde. Read more on:

Track Listing:
01. Tour Guide
02. Runnin'
03. Ya Mama And Stuff
04. Soul Flower (We've Got)
05. Bonita Keeps On Passin' Me By
06. Otha Otha Fish
07. 4 Better Or 4 Worse
08. Award Tour Guide
09. Trust, Part II
10. It Ain't Nothing Like Feat. Kriminul
11. Interlude
12. Lyrics 2 Let it Go
13. Doin' Time (Sublime Feat. The Pharcyde)
14. Pharcyde of The Moon (Bizarre Tribe Feat. Black Moon)

Album: Bizarre Tribe: A Quest to The Pharcyde
By: Amerigo Gazaway of Gummy Soul
Year: 2012
Release Date: September 13, 2012
Label: Gummy Soul
Buy: Free album
Download: Bandcamp

NOTE: Bizarre Tribe is no more available. Read more on: Gummy Soul's Bandcamp

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