November 19, 2013

Ibis Giant - Fatez Relik (2013) Out now!

Ibis Giant aka Morbski aka Naja Gemini releases his brand new EP, entitled "Fatez Relik", through Revolt Motion Recordings . The EP consists of seven tracks, entirely produced by Aspect.

Available for free download or you can name your own price in these online stores:

Track Listing:
01. Sympathy For The Rebel (Intro) (Produced by Aspect)
02. The Door (Produced by Aspect)
03. Ouroboros Chromosome Feat. Morbski, & Naja Gemini (Produced by Aspect)
04. Fatez Relik (Produced by Aspect)
05. Yvette (Produced by Aspect)
06. Symbolz In The Smoke (Produced by Aspect)
07. Fire Giant - Diamond Cut (Bonus Track) (Produced by Aspect)

EP: Fatez Relik
By: Ibis Giant
Year: 2013
Release Date: November 18, 2013
Label: Revolt Motion Recordings
Official Homepage:
Buy: Bandcamp

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