November 09, 2013

Time - Newstalgia (2013) Out now!

Time releases his brand new full-length album, entitled "Newstalgia", through Dirty Laboratory. The album consists of 18 tracks, and offers guest appearances from artists like: Katie Gold, Kit Richardson, K. Raydio, Lonnie 'Pops' Lynn, Maudlin Magpie, Giuseppe, Xiu Xiu, Chloe O, Rob Miles, Chris Barron, Jason Horodyski, Kate Warner, and Nonnahs. Productions from: Akira The Don, Torley, Budo, Giuseppe, Tall City, Satyre, Jake One, Factor, Man Mantis, Time, IG88, Ephelant, Doctype, and A Thousand Vows.

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Track Listing:
01. Newstalgia Feat. Katie Gold (Produced by Akira The Don, & Torley)
02. Auto Bio (Produced by Budo)
03. Swag Through The Gift Shop Feat. Kit Richardson (Produced by Giuseppe)
04. 5th Horseman Feat. K. Raydio, & Lonnie 'Pops' Lynn (Produced by Tall City)
05. Shout For The Voiceless Feat. Maudlin Magpie (Produced by Satyre)
06. Cardboard Gods Feat. Giuseppe (Produced by Jake One)
07. 8 Bit Memories Feat. Xiu Xiu (Produced by Giuseppe)
08. Black And Gold (Produced by Factor)
09. Love In The Time Of Rap Feat. Chloe O (Produced by Man Mantis)
10. They Call Us The Irish Feat. Rob Miles (Produced by Time)
11. Nona Feat. Ceschi (Produced by Satyre)
12. Brittle Action Figures Feat. Chris Barron (Produced by IG88)
13. Break The State (Produced by Satyre)
14. Writer's Shot Feat. Jason Horodyski (Produced by Ephelant)
15. October 31st 1990 Something (Produced by Doctype)
16. No More Bad Dreams Feat. Kate Warner (Produced by Ephelant)
17. This Is Not An Exit Feat. Jason Horodyski (Produced by A Thousand Vows)
18. Death Bed Feat. Nonnahs (Produced by Ephelant)

Album: Newstalgia
By: Time
Year: 2013
Release Date: November 05, 2013
Label: Dirty Laboratory

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