December 14, 2012

Ali Dahesh, Tewolde Issac, Antony of Egypt (Kalki), & Kasseb - A.T.A.K. (2012) Out now!

The super conscious artists Ali Dahesh, Tewolde Issac, Kalki as Antony of Egypt, and Kasseb releases their brand new collaborations album, entitled "A.T.A.K.". The album was made in only seven days in Regina, SK. The album consists of seven tracks, and offers guest appearances from artists like: Pimpton. The album is entirely produced, mixed, and mastered by Ali Dahesh.

You can check out three tracks from the album on KdawG's Official YouTube channel (Promo):
Ali Dahesh, Tewolde Issac, Antony of Egypt,Kasseb - A.T.A.K. (2012) Playlist by KdawGOfficial

Download for free, or please support - You can name your own price on Bandcamp:

Track Listing:
01. The City (Produced by Ali Dahesh)
02. These Days (Produced by Ali Dahesh)
03. Cloudy Skies (Produced by Ali Dahesh)
04. Respect (Produced by Ali Dahesh)
05. Hail Feat. Pimpton (Produced by Ali Dahesh)
06. Money Pain (Produced by Ali Dahesh)
07. Melody Thanks (Produced by Ali Dahesh)

Album: A.T.A.K.
By: Ali Dahesh, Tewolde Issac, Antony of Egypt (Kalki), & Kasseb
Year: 2012
Release Date: December 14, 2012
Label: Revolt Motion Recordings
Buy: Free/Name your own price
Download: Bandcamp

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