October 19, 2014

Al'tarba - Let the Ghosts Sing (2014) Out now!

Artwork by: Shalik
The french hip hop producer Al'tarba is current with his brand new album "Let the Ghosts
Sing", released through Jarring Effects Label. The album consists of 14 tracks, and offers guest appearances from artists such as: Danista, Bonnie Li, Jessica Fitoussi, Bekay, Paloma Pradal, Lateb, and DJ Nix'on.

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Track Listing:
01. Laisse moi entrer (Produced by Al'tarba)
02. Siberian Vengeance Feat. Paloma Pradal (Produced by Al'tarba)
03. Still Insomniac (Produced by Al'tarba)
04. Felix the Brat (Produced by Al'tarba)
05. Just Like Ants (Produced by Al'tarba)
06. Gangsters & Rude Girls Feat. Danista, Bonnie Li, Jessica Fitoussi, & DJ Nix'on (Produced by Al'tarba)
07. Good Morning Rain (Produced by Al'tarba)
08. Let the Ghosts Scream (Produced by Al'tarba)
09. Torcher Feat. Lateb, & DJ Nix'on (Produced by Al'tarba)
10. Dusty Signal (Produced by Al'tarba)
11. Stop Crying (Produced by Al'tarba)
12. My Vicious Side Feat. Bekay, & DJ Nix'on (Produced by Al'tarba)
13. Land Builders (Produced by Al'tarba)
14. Take Me Back (Produced by Al'tarba)

Album: Let the Ghosts Sing
Release Date:
October 13, 2014
Record Label:
Jarring Effects Label

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