March 18, 2014

Nutso & Dee Metto - Fluushang Metto (2014) Out now!

Emcee Nutso and producer Dee Metto teams up to give us this 10 track deep album, entitled "Fluushang Metto", released through Dee Metto Music. The album offers guest appearances from artists such as: Ark Medina, Bunty Beats, Chillow, Chinch 33, DJ Akil, DJ Modesty, DJ-JS-1, Danse Daimons, Dax, El Da Sensei of Artifacts, Illa Ghee, Lord Nez, Nems, Poison Pen, Reap Da Naturaw, Spent DNero, Starvin B, and VVS Verbal. Entirely produced by Dee Metto.

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Track Listing:
01. Welcome To The Terror Feat. Bunty Beats (Produced by Dee Metto)
02. Bulletproof Vocal Booth Feat. Illa Ghee, Nems, & DJ-JS-1 (Produced by Dee Metto)
03. This Is What They Like (Produced by Dee Metto)
04. Book Of Matches Feat. Dax, Ark Medina, & Bunty Beats (Produced by Dee Metto)
05. Hood Role Model Feat. Spent DNero (Produced by Dee Metto)
06. Psychopath Feat. DJ Modesty (Produced by Dee Metto)
07. International Globetrotters Feat. El Da Sensei of Artifacts, & Bunty Beats (Produced by Dee Metto)
08. Think About It Feat. Starvin B, Danse Daimons, & DJ Akil (Produced by Dee Metto)
09. Poisonous Penmanship Feat. Poison Pen, Lord Nez, & Chinch 33 (Produced by Dee Metto)
10. They Don't Know Feat. Reap Da Naturaw, VVS Verbal, & Chillow (Produced by Dee Metto)

Album: Fluushang Metto
By: Nutso & Dee Metto
Year: 2014
Release Date: March 01, 2014
Label: Dee Metto Music
Buy: UGHH, iTunes, Amazon

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