July 07, 2013

The Lost Children of Babylon Present... Cosmicrusader: Cosmicalculations Part 3 (2013) Out now!

The third and final part of the "Cosmicalculations" series is here! LCOB Present Cosmicrusader and his brand new EP "Cosmicalculations Part 3", which features guest appearances from artists like: ATUN SEN GEB, Rasul Allah 7, and Lex Starwind of The Lost Children of Babylon. Productions from: QuetzalcoatI, The Latchkey Kids, Mad Scientific Productions, Odin Smith, and Jon Murdock.

You can check out one track on S-R-H-H Entertainment's Official YouTube channel (Operated by KdawG for Promo):

Cosmic Crusader - Cosmicalculations Part 3 (2013) Playlist by S-R-H-H. Entertainment

In total there is 23 tracks through this 3 EP's which together results in the album "Cosmicalculations".



Track Listing:

01 (16). Reality Check 1-2 (Produced by QuetzalcoatI)
02 (17). Ad Nauseam (Produced by Jon Murdock)
03 (18). Encyclopedia Galactica (Space Age) (Produced by The Latchkey Kids)
04 (19). Crystal Skulls Feat. ATUN SEN GEB, & Rasul Allah 7 (Procuced by Jon Murdock)
05 (20). Twisted Language Feat. Aleister Crowley (Produced by Mad Scientific Productions)
06 (21). Once Upon a Timeless Moment (Too Late) Feat. ATUN SEN GEB, & Lex Starwind (Produced by Jon Murdock)
07 (22). Gaia Principle (Produced by Odin Smith)
08 (23). Exhale (Produced by  QuetzalcoatI)

Album: Cosmicalculations Part 3
By: Cosmic Crusader (The Lost Children Of Babylon Present)
Year: 2013
Official Release Date: May 23, 2013
Label: LCOB Productions
Official Homepage: LCOBProductions.com
Buy: itunes.apple.com, amazon.com

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