August 02, 2013

14th Century - Lord Of The Worlds: The Book Of Adon (2013) Out now!

The new album by 14th Century, entitled "Lord Of The Worlds: The Book Of Adon", was released on July 04, 2013, through Double Sun Recordings. The album consists of 16 tracks, entirely produced by Vodka, except of track number 10, "UFO Superbowl", which is produced by Last Bronzeman.


Track Listing:

01. Intro (Produced by Vodka)
02. I Trust Myself (Produced by Vodka)
03. Hunting Devils (Produced by Vodka)
04. Crucify Me (Produced by Vodka)
05. Hades Has Risen (Produced by Vodka)
06. Holy Seder (Produced by Vodka)
07. The Kung Fu Feature (Toast 2 My Enemies) (Produced by Vodka)
08. The Christ Of HipHop (Passion Of The Christ) (Produced by Vodka)
09. Stone Temple Pilot (Vimanas & Madonnas) (Produced by Vodka)
10. UFO Superbowl (Produced by Last Bronzeman)
11. WhiteGrapesWordWeighsATon (Produced by Vodka)
12. The God Particle (BathSalts000Crack) (Produced by Vodka)
13. World Of Illusions (Produced by Vodka)
14. Rule:r (HolyWaterTsunami) (Produced by Vodka)
15. God Human (Produced by Vodka)
16. Outro (Produced by Vodka)

Album: Lord Of The Worlds: The Book Of Adon
By: 14th Century
Year: 2013
Release Date: July 04, 2013
Label: Double Sun Recordings

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