August 26, 2013

Kalki w/ knotS - Glass Monk (2013) Out now!

Artwork by: Clotho Moirai Knots

Kalki of Vimanas Project is current with his brand new solo album release, "Glass Monk", released through Revolt Motion Recordings today!

The album consists of 12 tracks, and offers guest appearances from artists such as: Ali Dahesh, Rohit Arya, Deepak Chopra, Supernovae, and Julianne 'knotS' Dynneson. Productions by: Skinny Bonez tha Godfather, Prince Armond, Wizdomgod, Bad Prod Rikordz, Aquarius Minded, Zieke Sounds, Aethra, and Invectrum.

Check out one of the official singles from the album here:
Kalki - Glass Monk (2013) Playlist by KdawGOfficial

The album will be available for free download on Revolt Motion Recording's official website soon:

In the meantime it's available here:

Track Listing:

01. knotS - Prayer of the Looking Glass (Poem Written & Performed by Julianne 'knotS' Dynneson)
02. Kalki - Life On The Streets (Produced by Skinny Bonez tha Godfather)
03. Kalki - Avatar Feat. Ali Dahesh, & Rohit Arya (Produced by Prince Armond)
04. Kalki - Atlantian Tablet (Produced by Wizdomgod)
05. Kalki - Mesmer Feat. Deepak Chopra (Produced by Skinny Bonez tha Godfather)
06. Kalki - Nosce Te Ipsum Feat. Supernovae (Produced by Bad Prod Rikordz)
07. Kalki - The Glass Monk (Produced by Aquarius Minded)
08. Kalki - Mad World (Produced by Zieke Sounds)
09. Kalki - Deadly Assassin (Produced by Wizdomgod)
10. Kaki - Feel Death Coming Feat. Deepak Chopra (Produced by Aethra)
11. Kalki - The Last Supper (Produced by Invectrum)
12. knotS - Lost Letter (Poem Written & Performed by Julianne 'knotS' Dynneson)

Glass Monk
By: Kalki
Year: 2013
Release Date: August 26, 2013
Label: Revolt Motion Recordings
Official Homepage:
Buy: Free Album
Download: Sendspace ,

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