August 24, 2013

R.U.I.N. - The Audacity Of Dope (2013) Out now!

 Artwork by: Jeff Baker

R.U.I.N. Is current with his debut album "The Audacity Of Dope", released on August 16, 2013. The album consists of 15 tracks, and offers guest appearances from artists such as: Prince EA, O.G., Woodz, and NewBreed MC. Productions by: Relic, Troy K Beats, DJ Clutch, Lex Luthorz, and Stephen Greater. All recorded at The Reservoir - Brampton, ON, except of Prince EA's verse.

Track Listing:

01. Why We Talk (Intro) (Produced by Relic)
02. Ph. D (Playing The Hand Dealt) (Produced by Troy K Beats)
03. Brain Is Braun Feat. Prince EA, & O.G. (Produced by Troy K Beats)
04. She's Got The Power (Produced by Troy K Beats)
05. Triumvirate (Produced by Troy K Beats)
06. St. Hood Feat. Woodz (Produced by Relic)
07. The Sermon (Interlude) (Produced by DJ Clutch)
08. W.O.W. Pt. 1 (Words of Wondering) (Produced by Troy K Beats)
09. Cheery-O! (Produced by Lex Luthorz)
10. W.O.W. Pt. 2 (Words of Wondering) (Produced by Troy K Beats)
11. Baptism of Fire Feat. NewBreed MC (Produced by Troy K Beats)
12. The 3 Rs (Produced by Relic)
13. Ejection (Produced by Troy K Beats)
14. Just a Scratch (Produced by Relic)
15. Advent (Produced by Stephen Greater)

Album:  The Audacity Of Dope
By: R.U.I.N.
Year: 2013
Release Date: August 16, 2013
Label: N/A
Buy: Name Your Own Price
Download: Bandcamp

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