August 24, 2013

K-Def - The Meeting (2013) Out now!

Artwork by: Joseph Buckingham

Brand new record from K-Def, featuring guest appearances from artists such as: Blu of Blu & Exile, Has-Lo from Mello Music Group, Kaimbr from Low Budget Records, and Insight of Y Society. The LP also offers some instrumentals. Available as Vinyl.


Track Listing (Side A):

01. The Meeting (Vocal Version) Feat. Blu
02. The Reason (Instrumental)
03. Goblin Powers (Instrumental)
04. Keep Em Guessin' (Instrumental)
Side B:

01. Some Weird Ish
02. Riot Material (Vocal Version) Feat. Has-Lo, Kaimbr, & Insight
03. Horror (Instrumental)
04. The Meeting (Instrumental)

EP: The Meeting
By: K-Def
Year: 2013
Release Date: -
Label: Redefinition Records
Official Homepage:

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