August 26, 2013

P.R - Moment In Time (2013) Out now!

  Artwork by: The RStudio Online

P.R Is current with his brand new EP, which consists of seven tracks and offers guest appearances from artists like: Skyzoo, Substantial, Alphamama, Cise Star, Blue, and Aisha Mars. Entirely produced by P.R.

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Track Listing:

01. Set The Scene Feat. Skyzoo, & Substantial (Produced by P.R)
02. First Move (Produced by P.R) Instrumental
03. Our Spot Feat. Alphamama (Produced by P.R)
04. Long Walk (Produced by P.R) Instrumental
05. We Will Make It Feat. Cise Star, & Blu (Produced by P.R)
06. Next Destination (Produced by P.R) Instrumental
07. Missing Years Feat. Aisha Mars (Produced by P.R)

Mixing & Mastering:
Rodean Roozbehani
Bass Guitar: Leehahn
Scratches: DJ Koma

Moment In Time
By: P.R
Year: 2013
Release Date: August 26, 2013
Label: Cult Classic Records
Buy: Name Your Own Price
Download: Bandcamp

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