August 05, 2013

Tekneek - The Collabs Vol. II (2013) Out now!

Tekneek is current with his second release of "The Collabs" series with the new Mixtape "The Collabs Vol. II". The tape consists of 13 tracks, and offers guest appearances from artists like: Mr. G, Skam, Kevy Boii, III Az, Demonios Sekt, Das C, Gaseyan, Demise RMT, Grdleey LHC, Shifta, Insight, Ed Green, Scotfree, Duece Bug Advrz, Episodic, Einzelganger, Kaotic Concrete, Jibbarish, Dismantle, Rissa, Supreme The Truth, and Edd B. Productions from: Jack W, Magikal Hoz, Wizard, Guilty Smiles, Explicito, Elcin, Anno Domini Beats, and Einzelganger.

Free Download (Datpiff):

Track Listing:

01. The Nothingness Intro (Produced by Jack W)
02. So Tasteless Feat. Mr. G (produced by Magikal Hoz)
03. Rap Shit Locked Feat. Skam (Produced by Wizard)
04. Punishments Feat. Kevy Boii, & III Az (Produced by Guilty Smiles)
05. Killuminati - Underground Legends
06. Sekt Revolution Feat. Demonios Sekt, & Das C (Produced by Explicito)
07. Free Palestine Feat. Gaseyan (Produced by Elcin)
08. Light & Wisdom Feat. Demise RMT (Produced by Anno Domini Beats)
09. Last Breath Feat. Mr. G (Produced by Einzelganger)
10. Lord Of Thunder Feat. Grdleey LHC, Shifta, Insight, Ed Green, Scotfree, & Duece Bug Advrz
11. Crying Angels Feat. Kevy Boii, & Episodic (Produced by Magikal Hoz)
12. Skull & Crossbones Feat. Einzelganger, & Kaotic Concrete (Produced by Einzelganger)
13. The Thirteen Bloodlines Feat. Jibbarish, Mr. G, Dismantle, Rissa, Supreme The Truth, & Edd B

The Collabs Vol. II
By: Tekneek
Year: 2013
Release Date: August 03, 2013
Label: N/A
Buy: Free Mixtape
Stream: Datpiff
Download: Datpiff

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