June 09, 2013

Demonios Sekt - Demonios Under Attack??!!! (2013) Out now!

Brand new album from Demonios Sekt, "Demonios Under Attack??!!!", released on June 06, 2013. The album consists of 14 tracks, and offers guest appearances from artists like: DJ Joon, Lenguarmada, Rypa, The Jotaka Perverse, Katha, Azrael, Loko, Das C, Tekneek, Morf, Portarok, Life Scientist, BattleGeist, Icabod, Chang, Da Butcha, Kachin, Sikadelik, Fubar, Childish, SAI, D-Cap, DJ Coach One, Poetic Death, Dark Guerilla Chato, Menace OBEZ, Alpha Sigma, and Stygmat. Productions from: Explicito, Kwervo, and Kachin.

Free Download (Bandcamp):


Track Listing:

01. Intro (Demonious Under Attack) Feat. DJ Joon (Produced by Explicito)
02. The Walking Dead Feat. Lenguarmada, Rypa, The Jotaka Perverse, Katha, Azrael, & Loko (Produced by Explicito)
03. Sekt Revolution Feat. Das C, & Tekneek (Produced by Explicito)
04. Controlados Por El Estado Feat. The Jotaka Perverse (Produced by Explicito)
05. The World Of Crows Feat. Morf, & Portarok (Produced by Explicito)
06. Graveyard Feat. Life Scientist, BattleGeist, Icabod Chang, Da Butcha, & DJ Joon (Produced by Kwervo)
07. Kold Night Feat. Katha, Kachin, Sikadelik, The Jotaka Perverse, & Fubar (Produced by Kwervo)
08. Hypnotics Feat. Childish, SAI, Life Scientist, D-Cap, & DJ Coach One (Produced by Kwervo)
09. Lonely Ones Feat. Katha, SAI, The Jotaka Perverse, Poetic Death, & Dark Guerilla Chato (Produced by Kwervo)
10. Demonik Tech Feat. Dark Guerilla Chato (Produced by Kachin)
11. Sekt In Brooklyn Feat. Menace OBEZ, Katha, & Life Scientist (Produced by Kachin)
12. Soul Sekt Feat. Alpha Sigma, & Childish (Produced by Kachin)
13. Armageddon Feat. Stygmat (Produced by Kachin)
14. Outro (My Demonios Way) (Produced by Kachin)

Album: Demonios Under Attack??!!!
By: Demonios Sekt
Year: 2013
Release Date: June 06, 2013
Label: Demonios Sekt
Official Website: DemoniosSekt.com
Buy: Free album
Download: Bandcamp

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