June 17, 2013

Guerilla Republik Presents: Invisible Army Rise Of The Realist Vol. 1 (2013) Out now!

Guerilla Republik Presents: "Invisible Army Rise Of The Realist Vol. 1". The album consists of 23 tracks, and offers appearances from artists like: M1 of Dead Prez, Divine RBG, Classic Tone, Intikana, King Malachi, 4-IZE, Nene Ali, Supa Swan, Sypher Lady X, Annie Mae, Valencia, Perseverance, Jehuniko, Yamin Semali, Gotta Be Karim, Chop, Mr Forge, K-Otic 1, MookdaTruth, Lord Abstract, Chubb, Soah Laszlo, Riishii G7, War Child, Caliko, Kapwon, Amos The Ancient Prophet, Ginsu, Eternal, Danny Che, Rush One, Drittla, Mob Royalle, rhinOceros funk, Last Scientist, Narubi Selah, and The Welfare Poets.


Track Listing:

01. Rabb Love - Intro
02. Intikana - Culture Shock Feat. M1 of Dead Prez, & Divine RBG (Produced by Classic Tone)
03. King Malachi - Here To Tell Em
04. 4-IZE - Guerilla Republik Anthem
05. Nene Ali - I Don't Like Feat. Supa Swan
06. Sypher Lady X - What Do You Stand For Feat. Annie Mae, & Valencia
07. Perseverance - Everytime
08. Jehuniko - For My OG's
09. Yamin Semali - More Than Kings Feat. Gotta Be Karim, & Chop
10. Mr Forge - When I Look Around The World Feat. K-Otic 1, & MookdaTruth
11. Lord Abstract - Righteousness Through Insanity
12. Chubb & Soah Laszlo - Mastermind
13. Riishii G7 - The Art of War
14. War Child - Native Sunrize Feat. Caliko
15. Kapwon - The One Feat. MookdaTruth (Produced by Amos The Ancient Prophet)
16. Ginsu - Let The Rilla Out
17. Eternal, Danny Che, & Rush One - A New Day In Age
18. Drittla - America's Sins Pt. 2 Feat. Mob Royalle
19. rhinOceros funk - Yankee Go Home
20. Last Scientist - War Is Fucking Over
21. Narubi Selah - Slaughter
22. The Welfare Poets - Subliminal
23. Lethal Injection - Just a Thought Feat. Akir

Album: Invisible Army Rise Of The Realist Vol. 1
By: Guerilla Republik (Presents)
Year: 2013
Label: Guerilla Republik
Buy: GuerillaRepublik.org

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