June 14, 2013

S-R-H-H Presents: KdawG Interview with Vega X of Guerilla Alliance & PXR

KdawG talked to Vega X of Guerilla Alliance and Planet X Records. Check out this brand new interview where we discuss the forthcoming album "Empire Of Fear", last years Mixtape from Guerilla Alliance, Vega X's solo album, other upcoming projects, Vega's influences, thoughts on the hip hop industry today, and much more!

"What's good Vega X? The new record "Empire Of Fear" with Macabean The Rebel as Guerilla Alliance is almost here! What can the listeners and fans expect on this album?"

Vega X: "Yeah so these are kind of the alter egos different from our former records, we have recieved a post 2012 dimensional DNA upgrade, I'm VX: Heaven's Assassin now, and Mac is Mac the Rebel for the rest of the GA Trilogy which I will explain later. Fans can expect an improvement on everything since "Guerrilla Warfare" better production, features, and definitely the best bars in my opinion out of any of the material we have released. I would even invite people who didnt like GW to check out EoF, and see if it changes their mind about GA"

KdawG: "It's a lot of great guest appearances on the new album. El*A*Kwents from PXR; Lone Ninja of Twin Perils, Sick Since, Tehuti Mos and Rasul from LCOB, Canibus, Block McCloud, Scripture, just to name a few. It looks promising. And I see that Macabean will produce most of the beats. But you also got some more producers on there. Do you got your own favorite track of the album so far?"

Vega X: "Yeah still "Ordo Ab Chao" original mix because Canibus destroyed it, and really had one of the most flawless verses I have ever heard in my career as far as encompassing the essence of hip-hop culture. I really like the remix beat Mac made on the "2012" mix though. I have so many favorites it's tough to pick honestly. Scimitar is epic because Dro & Rich both ripped it, Ronin is incredible Scripture of the GGO shined on there. Can't wait to see what the fans think of some of the top secret videos we have planned!"

KdawG: "'Empire Of Fear' will be the first release on Planet X Records this year. In the end of 2012 you released the Mixtape "Xibalba Be: The Reincarnation Mix CD" which was fire.
Will there be any more releases on PXR in 2013? What's next?"

Vega X: "Next is "The Cosmic Code" EP which is EL*A*KWENTs and my side project as "The Celestial Order", after that my final solo LP "Tablet of Destiny: Secrets of the Multiverse" and GA3 "The Dark Rift" feat. Kool G Rap, Killah Priest, & 9th Price. We also released an EP trilogy from our Australian artist "Irrefutable", I think EL has a project he's been working on as well. And at some point Mac will be done 'F.E.MA'"

KdawG: "Let's talk a little about Last year. Guerrilla Alliance released the Global Warming: Reign of Terror LP. Where you satisfied with the final outcome?"

Vega X: "GW: ROT was actually my "debut" sophomore solo LP presented by PXR, I personally was very satisfied with the outcome, as it got a very good review from fans. It is largely considered a classic underground solo LP by many, and much better quality / music wise then what I have heard from other local artists."

KdawG: "I see. What inspires you to write?"

Vega X: "Good Question, at any given time it could be any number of things. Close friends, in some cases other artists, I follow world events closely, I do thorough history research, other forms of media such as Film, graphic novels, gaming, all different forms and genres of music including experimental which I basically have my roots in."

KdawG: "Which artists have been the greatest inspiration for you?  Do you got a favorite?"

Vega X: "Kool G Rap, Killah Priest, Canibus, Chief Kamachi, RZA, 9th Prince, Hell Razah, Lost Boyz, Gravediggaz, LCOB, Chino XL, Rakim, Cypress Hill, Onyx, Ill Bill, Soundgarden, Nirvana, RATM, Metallic, Slayer, Vee Eye, Guru my favorite hip-hop artist of all time would be Big Punisher, rock Kurt Cobain & Chris Cornell, Zach De La Rocha as well."

KdawG: "What's your thoughts on the hip hop industry today?"

Vega X: "While the mainstream is 98% trash, a lot of people aren't holding the underground for being over saturated with garbage as well. I don't like the fact that the UG scene mimics the mainstream, and the same corny gimmicks make their way into both markets. For instance the emo-rap (or anything) trend is particularly bad as the skinny jeans punk rock haircut style is definitely not a part of hip-hop culture. I got love for punk rock, but if that is punk it's cool, let it be that. Hip-hop should be hip-hop, if all the genres are going to blend together into the same bland cheap sound and visuals, things will become very boring. There are some good new artists both known and UG I admit, which I enjoy listening to. On the whole, I don't like the immature 45 yr old online studio gangster nerd fanboy image modern day hip-hop portrays. The idea that the MC in being marginalized into these trendy sub-genres example "frat-rap" is divisive in my opinion. On the other hand battle rap leagues like URL are opening up a whole new market of talent show casing artists all over the world in a "new" (for those unfamiliar to battle rap) format. Although that creates a fringe of obsessive fanboys as well, like any sport. You have 36 yr old nerd losers who think they can rap trying to jump in the ring, and get 3-0d and walk out thinking they won because of their ridiculous egos."

KdawG: "Where do you see yourself in the indie and underground hip hop scene right now?"

Vega X: "Right now, I think Empire of Fear is one of the best hip-hop albums out, it is just way higher quality then a lot of what I hear. People who think they know everything about hip-hop or any music, but continue to put out low quality recording projects short change the fans in my opinion. Why are they going to pay for something in an age when everything is free? You need to give them a reason too, and It can't be sub par bears, mediocre rapping, and below average features. In the future I see myself contributing to the indie scene in new and different ways, taking an approach outside of hip-hop and music all together. I know a lot of fanboys won't be able to handle that concept."

KdawG: "Word, all this definitely looks very promising. And yeah that's true, I've heard that El have a lot in the makings. So it's sounds like it's much to look forward to on PXR this year!

Do you have anything special you want to say at the end?"

Vega X: "Finally I would appreciate everyone getting word out about our crowd funding campaigns for the "The Dark Rift" LP we have G.A. T-Shirts, Hoodies, and beanies available as perks and much more! Basically if no funding comes in as was the case with EoF, we will have to scale many things back on the album and it will all but guarantee there wont be a GA4. I can also say "Tablet Of Destines: Secrets of the Multiverse" will with out a doubt be my last solo LP do to other Planet X Media projects which will take the front line. Please spread word about our Indie Go Go, and Kickstarter campaigns on your tracebook, twitter, Google + or anything else you use! These crowd funding campaigns help support PXR with studio time, pressing fees, Artwork, Music video budgets, website / radio fees and more!"

"Peace to,

K-dawg, Mac the Rebel, EL, Scripture, Irrefutable, Gaz Resistance everyone who supports PXR "The Dark Rift" LP coming soon!"

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Peace, KDawg and Vega X: Another great interview with deep and thought provoking questions, that the fans will want to know. If the video eye just watched, "Empire of Fear" is anything like the rest of the album! That song was very empowering and powerful wakeup-type lyrics, the way you guys rattled off what's going on! Much respect and CONGRATS on your new album. Wish you all the sucess with it!

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