June 13, 2013

Endemic - Quarantine (2013) Out now!

Endemic's (Producer) brand new album entitled "Quarantine" is a prelude to his "Terminal Illness Part 2" album. It consists of 13 tracks, and offers guest appearances from artists like: DJ Furious P, Tragedy Khadafi, Top Dog, Supreme, John Maloso, Eric El Nino, Tristate, Tesla's Ghost, Bugsy Da God, Phoenix Da Icefire, Le Sous Marin, Lifetime, Sha Stimuli, Curys Malachi, Ray Vendetta, Master K Bar, M9, Hell Razah, Kevlaar 7 of the Wisemen, Ruste Juxx, ILL Bill of La Coka Nostra, The Heavy Metal Kings & Non-Phixion, and Sav Killz. Entirely produced by Endemic himself.



Track Listing:

01. Intro Feat. DJ Furious P (Produced by Endemic)
02. Ny Untouchables Feat. Tragedy Khadafi, Top Dog, & Supreme (Produced by Endemic)
03. Real Recognize Real Feat. John Maloso, Eric El Nino, & Tristate (Produced by Endemic)
04. Shadow Stitchin' Feat. Tesla's Ghost (Produced by Endemic)
05. The Arrival Feat. Bugsy Da God (Produced by Endemic)
06. Knife's Edge Feat. Phoenix Da Icefire (Produced by Endemic)
07. Casquettes Feat. Le Sous Marin (Produced by Endemic)
08. Hip Hop Poets Feat. Lifetime, Sha Stimuli, & Cyrus Malachi (Produced by Endemic)
09. 24k Rap Feat. Ray Vendetta (Produced by Endemic)
10. Sandy Feat. Master K Bar (Produced by Endemic)
11. Hell's Garrison's Feat. Cyrus Malachi, & M9 (Produced by Endemic)
12. Three Kings Feat. Hell Razah, Kevlaar 7 of The Wisemen, & M9 (Produced by Endemic)
13. Rap Assassin Feat. Ruste Juxx, Ill Bill of La Coka Nostra & The Heavy Metal Kings, Sav Killz, & Curys Malachi (Produced by Endemic)

Album: Quarantine
By: Endemic
Year: 2013
Release Date: 2013
Label: No Cure Records
Buy: ughh.com, itunes.apple.com, amazon.com, Suspect-Packages.com

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